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About us !

We are a team of highly qualified, experienced and passionate group of engineers who ideate and built smart solutions that satisfy the needs of domestic users, and industry verticals such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals and defence & manufacturing.

A mission and vision are not set in stone, it's something that you have to work on every day.

To Build an IIoT Research and Business center of Excellence.

  • Customized Smart IoT boards which debugs and Runs with Mobile and Web applications (plug and play – No coding).
  • Virtual assistant mobile apps (Electrical Assistant).
  • AI & ML based smart Logistics Drones, Robots and VTOLS for Defence, Surveillance and Educational Institutions.
  • IIoT Labs for the Engineering Colleges

Our Vision is to provide Affordable smart lloT solutions for the Domestic, Educational institutions and different Industry verticals

Our Client Companies

Building an Ecosystem for Research and development

  • We Research on your ideas and make it into physical devices.

  • We as an ENGINEERING PROJECTS mobile application, providing technical projects and solutions for all branches of Engineering students.

  • We as an ELECTRICAL ASSISTANT mobile application, providing virtual assistance for Electrical switchgear auditing and servicing men.

  • We provide IIoT Labs for Engineering Colleges.

  • We as an AGRIKAFT mobile application,providing a platform to operate Agri-drones,VTOLS and other Aerospace applications.

  • Our ILABS (Internet logic analytical boards and systems - A new Generation of Embedded boards) can be used for all kinds of IIoT applications in industries and domestic vectors

Our Services


INTERNET LOGIC ANALYTIC BOARDS AND SYSTEMS. (A new Generation of Embedded boards)

  • The new Generation Embedded boards.It doesnot require any coding, Configuration of board can be done using mobile application
  • A wide range of boards is available, from 4 to 42 loads. For most basic applications to complex Industrial applications
  • Application is categorized in three modes:
    1.Basic kits for Domestic works and Engineering students
    2.Internet labs for Engineering colleges
    3.Industrial boards and E-Commerce

Plug and play boards.


SmartDrone is an app that allows users the option of operating their drones with a mobile device or computer. This gives our customers the ability to truly be in control and monitor the drone from anywhere around the world.

Smart Flyer drone is a drone that can be used for automatic waypoint mapping and user friendly positioning of coordinates.

  • The drone will travel autonomously and capture the images, a specific task for a specific reason.
  • A drone that automatically sprays crops and weeds with pesticides, in what some say could be the future of farming.
  • Drones can be equipped with a high-resolution camera and are capable of performing surveillance.

Apps and Websites with backend

We build custom controllers with feature sets that are tailored to your needs. Our controllers are fully customizable, easy to setup and operate, and integrate seamlessly with any home automation system.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Integrating frontend and backend development ensures a user-friendly interface and real-time interactions, fostering user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Scalability and Performance: A robust backend supports scalability, allowing apps and websites to handle increased traffic while maintaining high performance levels.
  • Data Security: Backend support includes security features like encryption and authentication, safeguarding user data and privacy effectively.

We deal with this building tools like android studio, vscode, react native, react js, flutter, nodejs, expressjs ,html, css, javascript,python,AIML,mongodb,sql,AWS


We undertake all engineering projects from students and people with new ideas. We will help you with your project's design, fabrication, manufacturing and installation

  • We want to make your business thrive, so we’re always on the look out for new product ideas. If you have an idea, tell us about it.
  • We provide a tailor-made service to help you with your project.
  • We are your one stop shop, with all projects taken like hardware, software in all departments.

Electrical Assistant

Our app contains following features :

  • Electrical Calculations
  • Engineering Services
  • R and D projects
  • Electrical Library
  • Custom Projects
  • Technical Solutions
  • Building an Ecosystem for Research and Development


IOT is the best platform for you,we will perform all iot and iiot taskes with backend and application with cloud set up.using mqtt,api,socket protocol in c++,embeded c language and many more..

  • All clouds are built and managed using IOT technologies. We have the best backend work team, who are able to work with all devices regardless of the cloud.
  • The hardware will be top quality, with very accurate and scalable performance..
  • Our team is experienced in designing and developing mobile applications for android,ios,web,windows and linux platforms to configure the hardware.

Our Youtube collection

Software tech

A small part of software tech

Enineering projects app

For engineering students to improve there technical knowledge and involve in realtime projects

Download From the playstore and register for free

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Engineering Projects


A research and development (R&D) portfolio concept is proposed to allocate federal funds for science and technology.

  • All
  • App
  • Product

Engineering projects

Autonomous Drone

Electrical Assistant

agriculture drone

Our Team

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.


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